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Preparing for a Move

Tips On Getting Organized for Move Day 

By Professional Organizer, Kim Salisbury

For most people, and rightly so, the kitchen is regarded as the heart of the home. All meals are prepared in this space, and guests as well as family are regularly entertained there. It is therefore of utmost importance to organize the kitchen in such a way that anyone using it to prepare a meal does so without any undue inconveniences. Read on and discover some of the best Kitchen organization tips shared by the professionals at Home Method Co. with Kim Salisbury.

De Clutter The Kitchen!

The most important step when you want to organize any room is to declutter it. The best home organizers know that the kitchen is particularly prone to the accumulation of clutter. That comes with no surprise since we are always buying the latest and greatest tools, especially for the kitchen. Eventually, you’ll run out of kitchen space! If you’re like most of my clients, you have five sets of untouched silverware that get shoved into the drawer. Professional organizers recommend that you methodically go through all the items in the kitchen and get rid of (donate, sell or discard) all items that you no longer need in the kitchen.

Opt for Uniform See-Through Containers

To use kitchen storage space efficiently, switch to rectangular or square containers. These can easily be stacked for smaller spaces. Kim Salisbury recommends using transparent containers so that you can see the different food items you have. Also, you’ll be able to see how much food you have thanks to the transparent containers. 

Don’t Neglect the Cabinet Doors

Many homeowners are unaware that there is so much space in the back of their kitchen cabinet doors. Professional home organizers recommend using this space to store measuring cups, spoons, pot covers, knives, cutting boards, and more!

Start Using Tension Rods

The professional home organizers at Home Method Co., reveal that tension rods provide a great avenue through which kitchen storage space can be better utilized. You can use those tension rods to store paper towels and cleaning bottles.

Learn Where Each Type of Food is Best Stored

A lot of food goes to waste when it’s stored incorrectly. Additionally, it wastes valuable storage space. If you learn how and where to store food properly, you’ll get more bang for your buck! 

Use the Fridge Storage Correctly

The way you store items in the fridge can also contribute to how efficiently you are using this crucial space. For example, when meat is stored in the wrong section of the refrigerator, leaks can contaminate other items and render them unusable. Therefore, organizing professionals recommend storing your meat at the bottom of the refrigerator instead of the top. 

Create Work Zones in Your Kitchen

Usually, the kitchen can be divided into three sections, i.e., the sink area, the fridge area, and the area where you cook. Professionals call this the kitchen work triangle. One practical way to organize the kitchen is to keep these zones in mind as you decide where each item goes. For example, the personal organizers at Home Method Co. say it’s more efficient to have cleaning supplies located under the sink. Strive to organize kitchen items around five zones, namely, food items, non-food items, cleaning items, food prep items, and gadgets used to cook.

Ensure Everything in the Pantry is Within Reach and Visible

Many food items go to waste simply because they are out of sight once they are put into storage. You know the saying, “out of sight, out of mind.” So, using clear/transparent storage containers is one way that professional home organizers in Sacramento avoid wasting food. Pro tip: organize your pantry items into categories. For example, grains, sauces, snacks, cereal. That way, you have easy access to all your food items. 

How You Do One Thing is How You Do Everything. 

Organizing your kitchen is a great start! If you need any help organizing your home, reach out to Home Method Co with Kim Salisbury, and we will get you started on your journey to a beautiful and organized home.