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10 Tips & Tricks to Organize Your Home or Office

Organizing Your home or office

By Professional Organizer, Kim Salisbury

There are many reasons you might be considering home or office organizing on your own rather than calling in the professionals. Whether you are the do-it-yourself type, you only have a small space to organize, or you need to give an already organized space a refresh, there are ways you can organize your home or office like a pro! I’ve put together the following tips and tricks to help you organize your space quickly and efficiently. Implement them and your space will be transformed remarkably!


1.Tackle One Room at a Time

One of the easiest ways to get overwhelmed by the task of organizing your home or office is by trying to attend to all rooms all at once. A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step, and that wisdom also applies when it comes to organizing your office or home. Select just one room and focus on getting it organized and then move to the next once you are satisfied with the results.


There is no rule regarding which room you should pick first since different people have different needs. For example, one person may choose to start with the living room since it is the most visible space in the home while another may elect to start with the garage since it is the most chaotic in terms of clutter. Select the room that you think is priority number one for you and get to work!


2. Don’t Be in a Hurry

The clutter in your home or office accumulated over a long time and it is unlikely to be cleared in a day or two. I encourage you to be patient and take your time doing it right the first time.


The rooms will also require varying amounts of time to organize. For example, you shouldn’t expect to take the same amount of time organizing the garage as you would take to organize your closet. The process will take time, but it will be time well spent.


3. Take Inventory

Once you have removed all the items that are considered excess baggage, I suggest that you take a close look at everything left to ascertain whether it belongs in that room you have been organizing. For instance, if you find a new pair of jeans in the garage, take it to your closet where it belongs rather than leaving it in the garage to gather dust. You will then put it in its rightful place once it is time to organize the closet.



4. Sniff Out Wasted Storage Space

As you organize different parts of your home or office, keep an eye out for space that isn’t currently in use. For example, you may be thinking of renting a storage unit when the space underneath the stairs can accommodate most of the stuff that you want to put in storage. Keeping an eye out for wasted space can help you to make better use of all the space in your home or office.



5. Make Full Use of Vertical Space

As you look for additional space in your home, pay attention to the low hanging fruit of the available vertical space. For example, adding extra shelving to your kitchen shelves will give you more space where you can store the items that you rarely use. Spare the lower shelves for things you use on a regular basis to make things hassle-free.



6. Divide the Existing Space

Another way to be more organized and make better use of the existing storage space is by dividing it up. Dividing your existing storage space not only allows you to store more items but also reduces the safety risks associated with stacked items toppling over.



7. Get Mobile

A rarely exploited hack by people who wish to be more organized is having storage on wheels. For instance, you can put all your accessories in a cart that you wheel in and out of your closet depending on your needs. The same concept can be used in your kitchen, the garage, and practically anywhere else in your home or office.


8. Use Color to Organize Your Space

For parents with children, color-coding storage spaces for the kids’ items, such as toys, can be a helpful way to keep kids’ rooms and play areas organized. Assign each child a certain colored storage container and instruct them to place all their toys and other items in that space. This system can also be used to organize your paperwork, such as bills, in your office or at home.


9. Don’t Neglect Accessibility

Many homes and offices gradually slide into a disorganized state because foresight wasn’t invested in placing the most used items in the locations that are easiest to access. Before long, items keep piling up in the accessible areas while the hard-to-access areas remain empty, and yet such places could have been occupied by the things that aren’t frequently used. Don’t fall into that same trap.


10. Exploit Visibility

You can also organize your home or office by labeling storage containers clearly or opting for transparent ones that make it easy for someone to know what is inside. You will save time since only a glance will be sufficient to reveal the contents of each container.



We at Home Method Co know that not everyone can find the time or energy to organize their home and office. For that reason, we have put our expertise at your disposal. Just drop us a line and we will gladly help to bring order to your space.