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Tips for Better Basement Organization

Maintaining a clean and well-organized basement has other benefits aside from just aesthetics.

By Professional Organizer, Kim Salisbury

The following is an excerpt from a fantastic article by Redfin that I was invited to contribute to on strategies for better basement organization. Link to the full article is below. Definitely read it!

Tip: Add shelving units to your basement to store items

After decluttering, take the time to organize the items you’ve decided to keep. “Line the walls with easy-to-assemble shelving units and designate space for each category of items,” says Kim Salisbury, Founder of Home Method Co. “Be sure to use air-tight bins whenever you can. Lastly, label everything so anyone can easily find what they need.”

For many homes, shelving is often a good option. “If you can, get shelves with casters so you can move them around as needed,” says Liz Jenkins from A Fresh Space. “When storing boxes or items on shelves, be sure to label them so you can easily tell what’s inside,” she says. “Lastly, organize items into zones, such as holidays, memories, sports, entertainment, and more. Give each zone its own shelving unit or shelf.

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