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How to Professionally Organize Your Refrigerator

People are cooking and eating at home more than ever before. An organized fridge can be a game changer.

By Professional Organizer, Kim Salisbury

When you think of decluttering your home, most of you would probably think of your closet, or drawers, or garage… but what about your fridge? Refrigerators need decluttering too. In fact, fridge organization is the hottest topic in organizing right now! Decluttering and organizing your fridge can be life changing. Not only will it save you money on groceries, it will make meal prep and cooking so much easier!

Thanks to the new line of fridge products from iDesign The Home Edit at The Container Store  organizing your fridge has never been easier. From the berry bins to the produce bin, everything has a place.

For this fridge, I used the divided fridge drawers on the bottom shelf and tripled the drawer space immediately! Perfect for larger items like leftovers, and meal prep ingredients. The large divided fridge bins work great for veggies, snacks, anything you want. The egg bin is a must! You can see at a glance just how many eggs you have. The produce bin has a removable drainage tray that keeps the moisture away from the produce, preserving the freshness of your food. The large and small berry bins could be my favorite! The removeable colanders allow you to wash your berries and place right back into the bin, keeping them fresh for much longer. The narrow fridge bins slide smoothly into the fridge for drinks and smaller items.

These days people are cooking more than they ever have, and eating almost all meals at home. When you have an organized fridge, I promise you, the whole family will enjoy mealtimes so much more!