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Organizing Tips for the New Year

By Professional Organizer, Kim Salisbury ​

Hello, 2020! Are you kick-starting the New Year with good intentions and big goals? Whether it’s to lose weight, learn a new skill, or declutter your life, we’re here for it! If one of your goals this year is to get organized, we recommend following these simple steps! 


10 Tips to Help You Get Your New Year Off To A Well-Organized Start


Start Small.

First things first, don’t overdo it. We all know what happens when we overcommit to something. 

For example, making it a resolution to organize your entire house (alone) so you will never misplace anything again is a little ambitious. Organizing your entire home by yourself is a massive project for anyone. You’ll likely get frustrated and end up giving up. We recommend hiring organizing professionals to help you get the job done. 


Use One Calendar Across the Board.

Not only should you make it your goal to organize your home, but your life! We all know that we tend to forget things once and a while. Having one calendar for everything will be life-changing. We recommend having purchasing a paper or using the digital calendar on your phone.


Establish Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Routines.

Routines are the holy grail to achieving your goals. Once you’ve developed a routine, doing the work will seem like a piece of cake. Start with daily routines and then work your way into weekly and monthly routines. For example, making your bed after you wake up, exercising three times a week, or having a monthly savings goal.


Set Manageable Goals.

Keeping yourself on track to accomplish your New Year’s Resolutions is simple if you set manageable goals! Kim Salisbury recommends setting 3-4 important goals/tasks daily. This can be the most important task you feel that you need to complete to have a productive day. Imagine doing this for 365 days a year, you’d get a lot done! 


Divide and Conquer.

Instead of taking time the extra time to complete a massive organizing project, set up a virtual consultation with Kim Salisbury from Home Method Co. Kim can help you organize anything from your kitchen to the closet, to your bathroom, to the garage. Having a professional organizer will save you time and money! 


Find a Home for Everything.

We’ve all been known to impulse buy a thing or two. This year, avoid bringing anything new into your home unless you know it has a specific place. That way, you can avoid clutter and spending money on things you don’t need! 


Stamp Out Piles of Mail.

Mail can add up, especially if you’re getting 10+ things in the mail daily. Kim Salisbury recommends sorting through your mail as soon as you receive it. That way, things don’t get lost and cause a mess. 


Make a Long-Term Commitment.

Organizing your life is a big commitment, and we want to help you succeed. Overall, it may seem like an impossible task, but if you stay on top of the small things every day, it’ll all add up. For example, if you made it your goal to tidy up the house at the end of each day, organizing your home would be so much faster compared to waiting until it’s a complete mess.


Take Advantage of Nifty Tools.

You’re in luck! There are so many amazing tools that can help you stay organized. If you’re unsure about what tools you should use, ask for professional advice from Kim Salisbury at Home Method Co. 


Don’t forget to Celebrate Your Success.

Organizing can be a daunting task, so don’t forget to celebrate the small wins! For example, if you finally purged and organized your bedroom closet, you deserve a little celebration! Over time, you’ll achieve the organizing goals you’ve always hoped for. If you need professional organizing in Sacramento, contact Home Method Co.!