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Getting Ready for College Series Day Three: Life Skills Every Kid Needs

Educate them now to be prepared down the road

By Professional Organizer, Kim Salisbury

Preparing for college is about more than just academic readiness; it’s also about being equipped with a set of life skills that can help navigate the challenges of independent living and the demands of a rigorous academic schedule. Here are my top 5 life skills every college kid should consider developing:

1. Be Tidy

Teach them to keep a clean space. Be tidy, be a good roommate.

2. Practice Safety First

Have them familiarize themselves with safety resources on campus, practice situational awareness, and understand basic self-defense.Use the buddy system, know how to call an uber, be aware of their surroundings. Carry their Birdie. (More on that later stay tuned)

And basic first aid. Knowing what to do in emergencies, from minor cuts and burns to more significant issues, can be invaluable.

3. Time Management

 It’s one thing to get to class when the bell rings, but in college they are solely responsible to get to class, turn assignments in, get to practice, study sessions… all on time.

Juggling coursework, extracurricular activities, and personal life requires good time management skills. Show them how to prioritize tasks, avoid procrastination, and create a study schedule.

While they are getting used to their new schedule, suggest setting reminders on their phones for each thing they have to do until they get the hang of it.

4. Money Management

This is a great time (and critical time) to practice money management. Understanding how to manage money, create a budget, avoid unnecessary debts, and learn the basics of saving and investing. There are apps to help with this, but nothing replaces solid advice from parents. And make sure they don’t get sucked into a credit card for a free t-shirt!

5. Laundry

If your kid doesn’t know how to do laundry, teach them now. Immediately. Being able to wash clothes without ruining them and maintaining a clean living space are essential for personal well-being.