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How to encourage your kids to be organized

By Home Organizer, Kim Salisbury

If you’re a parent, you know how it can be a never-ending battle to get your kids to pick up after themselves. No matter how many times you remind them to put away their things, it somehow always ends up out of place. So, should I just give up on trying to keep a clean house until they are all grown? No way (we all know that adults are just as messy)! What if I told you there is a not so super-secret trick to getting your kids to be tidy? Just follow these simple steps on how to encourage your kids to be neat so you can declutter your home!

Tip #1: Be a Good Example, Keep Things Picked Up

I get it, life gets busy sometimes, and we don’t always have time to clean. However, if you want to keep your household clean, you need to demonstrate at least what your expectations are on a consistent basis.

Tip #2 Teach Your Kids How to Care for Their Things

How many times has your child come up to asking where their “XYZ” toy is? I think I’ve lost count. Teaching your kids to care for their things genuinely will influence them to take care of their things. Not only will this help them understand how to respect their things, but also save you money in the long run. It’s best to teach this habit at a younger age so that they can really master the skill. 

Tip #3 Use the Pickup Rule

If your home is a complete mess, start implementing the Pickup Rule. It’s simple. If you get something out, you put it back when you’re done. You can’t get the next item out until the original item is back. This simple rule will keep your house from looking like a jungle.

Tip #4 Maximize Your Kid’s Closet Space in Their Room

Your kid’s closets may not be designed for kids. Try putting a lower bar at the bottom of the closet, so their things are within reach. That way cleaning up their clothes on their own is fast and easy! 

Tip #5 Organize Your Kid’s Toys 

Kim Salisbury from Home Method Co. recommends storing your kid’s toys in clear or opaque containers. Using this organizing technique will allow your kids to see what’s inside the containers. Sorting the containers will be much easier for your little ones. 

Tip #6 Get Organized with a Labeler 

The organizing professionals at Home Method Co. highly recommend getting a labeler so the whole family can clearly see where things belong. Labeling the kid’s toy containers will make organizing that much simpler!  

Tip #7 Organize and Label Where Kids Clothes Go

Use the Labeler to label where all your kid’s clothes go in their drawer or closet. That way, they know precisely where their shirts, pants, socks, underwear, jackets, and dress-up clothes go. 

You can use small containers to organize smaller items, i.e., socks, underwear, headbands, etc. This simple tip makes a huge difference in maintaining optimal organization! 


Are you the type of parent who collects everything their kid makes or is it your little one who wants to keep everything? Either way, all the drawings, pictures, birthday cards, letters, and awards will continue to pile up. Organizing professionals recommend creating a binder for your kids so you can keep everything safe. You can use a clear page protector so you can display all their most prize positions. Not only will creating this special binder force them to pick and choose between what they keep and toss, but also keep things well organized! 

Tip #9 Involve Your Kids in the Process

Let your little ones be involved in the decision making! If you let them help decide where things should go, they will likely want to put their things away. Be sure to make the process fun and inviting! If they see you’re having fun, they’ll likely have a better attitude about tidying up.  

Tip #10 Hire a Professional

The help of an organizational professional can be a true lifesaver when it comes to decluttering your home. Most people don’t realize how big of a project home organization can be. Contact Home Method Co. with Kim Salisbury for professional help!