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Kim's Favorite Things 2023

My favorite things this holiday season

By Professional Organizer, Kim Salisbury

Here it is friends!  My long anticipated “Kim’s Favorite Things” is finally here. It’s almost Black Friday, and you will want to be ready with your list for holiday shopping. I thought I would help you out with my list of favorites this year. Happy shopping! 

cuyana travel cases

1. Cuyana Travel Cases

These travel cases from Cuyana are always a hit. So many colors to choose from, sleek and soft design, and wipes clean with a damp rag. My favorite part is that you can have them monogrammed when ordering. Such a great gift. 


rain raps rain coats

2. Rain Raps

Rainraps is a women owned business and fantastic for travel. I love that they are so different from typical raincoats. So fashionable and you stay dry!


3. All Bright Brightening Facial Oil 

Speaking of dry skin, I am obsessed with face oils right now. This vitamin C facial oil from Beauty Counter smells so good! It’s so lightweight and silky-smooth with a citrus scent and feels so nourishing, like I’m giving my skin a drink.



4. Hulken Bags

I think you know that I am obsessed with my Hulken bags. How could they not be included in my favorite things list? Wait until you see the new red one!


doctor rogers healing balm

5. Doctor Rogers Healing Balm

Dr. Roger’s Healing Balm. Winter means dry, cracked fingers and hands for me. I have tried so many healing balms, this one is by far the best one.


stanley travel quencher

6. Stanley The Big Grip Travel Quencher 

Stanley 40 oz with handle. It’s the handle for me. I keep one in my car and one in the house. I carry one with me wherever I go. I want one for every room in every color. I’m obsessed.


lululemon everywhere belt bag

7. Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag

Lululemon belt bag. Our team uses these and loves them. The perfect size for your phone, keys, lipstick… just the essentials. I know there are millions of these black “fanny packs” but the Lulu one is a classic. The perfect gift for the person that says they don’t need one, but will totally use it.


8. Lululemon Festival Bag

Lululemon festival bag. The instant I switched to a crossbody purse, I never went back. I have this festival bag in black as well as a bone color. Order a few different fun purse straps, and you are all set for any occasion or season. Co-workers Sara, Jeremy and I all have these and love them. Did you know you can carry a full bottle of wine in here? Or water bottles? You would be amazed at what it will hold.

ugg slippers

9. UGG Tasman Slippers 

Ugg slippers. If your teenager doesn’t have these, buy them immediately. Great for adults too. My teen and her friends wear these slippers as regular shoes because they just can’t bear to take them off. Yours will too.


lumify eye drops

10. Lumify Eye Drops

Lumify eye drops. As if dry skin this time of year isn’t bad enough, do you suffer from dry, red eyes also? These Lumify eye drops are my go to. I keep them in my purse, nightstand, medicine cabinet and in the kitchen junk drawer so they are always at arms reach.


bearaby weighted blanket

11. Bearaby Weighted Blanket

Bearaby weighted blanket. If you haven’t jumped on the weighted blanket train yet, this is your sign. We have tried a few, but this one is the coziest. It looks like a normal, decorative blanket on your bed or couch, but it holds the special magic of the weight. These weighted blankets were originally designed for children with autism. They quickly discovered how much the feeling of the weight helped anyone experiencing stress or anxiety. Try it for yourself. I can’t wait to hear how much you love it!

ring doorbell plus

12. Ring Doorbell

Ring doorbell. In this day and age, having this extra layer of security certainly doesn’t hurt. Especially during the holiday season with all the deliveries and people coming and going. It’s so nice to get the important alerts, easy to change batteries means it doesn’t have to be hard wired. You can even connect it to your Alexa.

GE countertop ice maker

13. GE Countertop Nugget Ice Maker

GE Nugget Ice Maker. OK so full disclosure, I don’t actually have one of these. I don’t have the space for it, I’ve just always wanted one. We see this ice maker in client’s homes all the time and they love it! Who doesn’t love the good ice? Someday, when we finally remodel our kitchen, this awesome ice maker will be top of my list.

cozy earth pajamas

14. Cozy Earth Pajamas

Cozy Earth pajamas. If you thought the cozy earth bamboo sheets were amazing (they are!) Wait until you try the pajamas! I look forward to putting these on every night. Cute enough to lounge in all evening and oh so soft. You will love these jammies!

caraway pots and pans

15. Caraway

Caraway. From the pots and pans to the bakeware, tea kettle and food storage, you know I love Caraway. I have been a Carway ambassador for years, and for good reason. Their non-stick, non toxic products are all I use. Even better, use my link for 20% off through December 31st! Happy Shopping!

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